The climbs on the hills and on the Prosecco road

Among the over 2,000 km of roads, paths, and bike trails marked on the different GPS maps of the Prosecco Hills, a special mention goes to some challenging climbs to conquer on two wheels in this magnificent area. These climbs, also included in the route of the Giro d’Italia, represent an irresistible challenge for cycling enthusiasts who enjoy uphill rides.

The Toughest Climbs for Cycling
in the Prosecco Hills

The Treviso Prealps, of which the hills of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano are a part, form a complex hilly system characterized by steep slopes and small parallel valleys.

In the context of the Piave District, the steepest climbs on the Prosecco Road include the ascent to Ca’ del Poggio, the Via dei Colli climb in Soligo, and the Fuso dei Collalto climb. You can also include the climb to the Conegliano Castle, which is less bucolic but offers a panoramic view from its tower, allowing you to gaze over a large part of the Treviso plain and beyond.

Gradient and Route of the Toughest Climbs
in Valdobbiadene and Conegliano

If you have strong legs and want to challenge yourself with some tough climbs, you can take on these climbs with gradients in double digits:

  • Ca’ del Poggio: 1.1 km in length with an average gradient of 13% and a maximum gradient of 19%.
    It starts from San Pietro di Feletto at an altitude of about 200 m and reaches Ca’ del Poggio at an altitude of about 300 m.
    The Muro di Ca’ del Poggio is classified as a 4th category climb in the Giro d’Italia;
  • Via dei Colli: only 650 meters in length but with an average gradient of 11.4%.
    It starts from Soligo at an altitude of about 150 m and reaches Col San Martino at an altitude of about 220 m;
  • Salita del Feudo Collalto: 1.5 km long with an average gradient of 6.3%.
    It starts from Susegana at an altitude of about 50 m and reaches Collalto at an altitude of about 150 m;
  • San Boldo: To reach the summit at 706 m above sea level, you will cover approximately 7 km with an average gradient close to 7% and maximum gradients around 11%.
  • Erta del Castello di Conegliano: Approximately 1.5 km in length, it represents an elevation gain of 100 meters starting from the city center, with an average gradient of 6.7% and a maximum gradient of 10%.

Routes and Climbs on the
Strada del Prosecco

These climbs can be very challenging and require a good level of fitness. It’s no coincidence that they have been included in the route of the Giro d’Italia and the Prosecco Cycling event. These are two of the most important cycling events that take place every year in the Prosecco Hills.

Other climbs, which are less steep but still impressive, lead to the towns of Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene, Guia, Combai, Follina, and Rolle.
They are more gentle to ride and offer a relaxing experience. They are followed by long descents and changes in elevation, allowing you to descend safely while paying attention to the road.

So, what kind of cyclist are you? Are you a pro, a mountain bike enthusiast, or do you prefer the comfort of an electric bike? Which climb will you conquer?

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