“100’s Days Road” – San Boldo Pass Cycling Tour – Lake of Santa Croce

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“100’s Days Road” – San Boldo Pass and Santa Croce Lake


“One Hundred Days Road” – San Boldo Pass Cycling Tour – Lake of Santa Croce


Difficulty 4 (scale from 1 to 5)

Total Km 81.2

Altitude gain 1367 mt

It starts from Follina in the direction of Tovena where the climb to Passo San Boldo starts, also known with the name of the Road of Hundred Days, with its bends and the spectacular galleries.
At this stage you will pass from the province of Treviso to that of Belluno.
After the long descent you will get to Trichiana and will continue in the direction of the cities of Belluno, Ponte nelle Alpi and Alpago.
You will ride along the beautiful Lake of Santa Croce with its crystal clear waters, boats and windsurfers.
From here you will return back following Fadalto road and Revine Lago with its two lakes, perfect scenery to be admired and then get back to Follina.

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