Cycling Tour from the Lake of Alleghe to Giau Pass

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Cycling tour from the Lake of Alleghe to Giau Pass


Cycling Tour from the Lake of Alleghe to Giau Pass


Difficulty 5 (scale 1 to 5)

Km total 74.5

Difference in height 2376 mt

The Giau Pass with its 29 hairpin bends is one of the most challenging Dolomite passes crossed many times by the Giro d’Italia and the famous Marathon of the Dolomites.
From Alleghe lake we head towards Selva di Cadore as soon as we pass the square the ascent to the pass begins immediately.
The first part, very technical and demanding, winds its way through a fir forest, here is the hardest stretch which almost reaches the slope of 16%
and you arrive at the Fedare shelter.
After passing the refuge, the slopes become lighter and you reach the top of the Pass Giau at an altitude of 2236 meters.
Once you get there, the view is unique, you can clearly see Cortina d’Ampezzo, the Tofane, the Croda Rossa, the Pelmo, the Pomagagnon,
the Cristallo and Croda da Lago, the Averau, the Sella massif and the Marmolada.
From here we will go down for about 16 km to Cortina, from 2236 meters we will reach 1200 meters.

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