UNESCO Veneto Cycling Tour – 7 Days by Bike

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UNESCO Veneto Cycling Tour by Gravel Bike

UNESCO Veneto tour
700 km 4000 d+
Difficulty: medium

8-day tour in the Veneto region to be discovered among plains, rolling hills and mountains. We will cross the most beautiful cities of Veneto,
Treviso, Padua, Verona, Belluno, Conegliano and Caorle on a gravel path with white roads, easy gravel roads and secondary roads.


Day 1 Treviso – Abano Terme

Welcome drink and briefing before departure. After a sightseeing tour of the city, we head towards Padua between gravel and secondary roads.
Along the way you can admire Villa Pisani, St Anthony’s church in Padua, Prato della Valle square, the Specola.
The tour will then continue towards Abano Terme, a renowned spa resort, where our first day will end.

Distance: 82 km
Height difference: 30 mt
Difficulty: Easy

Day 2 Abano Terme – Legnago

Departing from Abano we head towards the Euganean Hills, where you can admire Villa Barbarigo with a splendid panoramic view.
We will continue to Arqua Petrarca, the land of the famous poet Petrarca, and then proceed towards Legnago, our destination for the day.

Distance: 105 km
Height difference: 320 mt
Difficulty: High

Day 3 Legnago – Soave

Departing from Legnago we head towards Verona, a beautiful city with its Arena and Castelvecchio.
From here we continue for the Berici Mountains through secondary and gravel roads, where the slopes are never too high,
until we reach our destination of the day, immersed in the green of the Soave vineyards.

Distance: 91 km
Height difference: 210 mt
Difficulty: Medium

Day 4 Soave – Bassano del Grappa

Leaving Soave we start facing the first hard climbs of the Berici mountains, from where you will be able to admire a wonderful panoramic view.
From here we descend towards Piazzola Sul Brenta with its splendid Villa Contarini. We continue on gravel roads along the Brenta river,
until we reach the beautiful and enchanting town of Bassano del Grappa with its famous Alpini bridge, lying at the foot of the mountains.

Distance: 107 km
Height difference: 980 mt
Difficulty: High

Day 5 Bassano Del Grappa – Belluno

Departing from Bassano along the Brenta river, we head to Lake Corlo. After a demanding, but very panoramic climb, we will reach Feltre;
from there through gravel and secondary roads, with some challenging climbs, we will reach Belluno, our destination of the day.

Distance: 89 km
Height difference: 1220 mt
Difficulty: High

Day 6 Belluno – Gorgo Al Monticano

Departing from Belluno we head for Lake Santa Croce, Lake Morto and Vittorio Veneto on an easy gravel path.
The tour continues towards Conegliano, Oderzo, until we reach Gorgo al Monticano.

Distance: 94 km
Height difference: 280 mt
Difficulty: Medium

Day 7 Gorgo al Monticano – Treviso

Departing from Gorgo we descend towards the sea to Caorle, a small seaside town famous for its little church built on the sea,
the characteristic “casoni” and the fishermen’s village. Continuing along easy gravel roads, we reach Treviso,
the final destination of this marvelous Veneto tour, which we will sightsee, but only after watching the “burci” (old transport boats).

Distance: 122 km
Difference in height: 40 mt
Difficulty: Medium

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