San Boldo by bike. Uphill slopes and hairpin bends

Are you a passionate cyclist who wants to take on the challenge of climbing San Boldo? Italy Cycling Tour offers a guide with valuable information to help you conquer the climb to Passo San Boldo. You can ascend using two different routes, each with varying levels of difficulty, while enjoying the breathtaking panoramic views from its hairpin bends and tunnels.

Cycling Passo San Boldo
Uphill slopes and route

Passo San Boldo
Where is it located?

Passo San Boldo is located in the Veneto region, north of the province of Treviso. It lies exactly between the provinces of Treviso and Belluno, connecting the Prosecco Hills with the Venetian Prealps.
The Passo San Boldo route has a total length of just under 6 km, with an elevation gain of 451 meters and an average gradient of 7.7%. The ascent consists of 18 hairpin bends, with the last few being very close to each other. The final stretch of the road, when approached from the south side, was built in the most challenging section, overcoming steep walls through the construction of closely spaced hairpin bends and tunnels.

How to get to San Boldo
by bike, car, or train

Depending on the means of transportation, there are different ways to reach the ascent to Passo San Boldo. If you prefer to reach the area by car, you can take the A27 Venezia-Belluno highway and exit at Conegliano or Vittorio Veneto. From there, you can follow the tourist signs to Cison di Valmarino.
Alternatively, you can use the Pedemontana Veneta toll highway by taking the Montebelluna exits to reach Valdobbiadene. If you choose to arrive by train, you can take a train from Venice or Treviso to the Conegliano or Vittorio Veneto railway stations and then take a bus or a taxi from there.

Passo San Boldo
the Road of the 100 days

Also known as the former State Road 635 of Passo San Boldo, now the Provincial Road 635 of Passo San Boldo, but above all, it is known as the Road of the 100 days. It became drivable in 1918 along the pre-existing paths that connected Valmareno (TV) to Valbelluna (BL). It was engineered and opened for military purposes by the Austrian armies between February 1st and June 1st, 1918, just a few months before the end of the Great War, which was proclaimed in the Victory Bulletin on November 4th, 1918, with the official document written after the armistice of Villa Giusti.

Noleggio bici a Valdobbiadene e Strada del Prosecco

Gradients, hairpin bends, and tunnels
of San Boldo

The gradients offered by the ascents to the pass differ depending on the starting point. The hairpin bends on the Treviso side feature some steep sections in double digits, while the descent from the Belluno side offers less demanding and more pedal-friendly climbs. There are 5 tunnels, located at the highest point of the Treviso side of the route.

Where the ascent begins
two route options

The Passo San Boldo can be reached by bike from two opposite sides. However, to reach the 706 meters above sea level of the prealpine pass, some leg power and a certain inclination for effort are required to overcome the challenges of some steep sections along the route. In fact, climbing enthusiasts and those who enjoy gradients in double digits can test their skills with gradients of up to 11%.

Climbing the Pass from Tovena (TV).

If you’re a fan of challenging climbs, but not too difficult, then this is the challenge for you.
The ascent to San Boldo Pass from this side is classified by cyclists as a medium-easy route. It starts from the village of Tovena, a hamlet of the municipality of Cison di Valmarino. The total distance is less than 7 km with an average gradient close to 7% and maximum peaks around 11%. The final part of the pass is characterized by five galleries carved into the sheer walls of the massif.

Ascending the pass from Trichiana (BL).

Starting from the village of Trichiana, located on the Belluno side, the ascent is longer but much gentler. It covers a distance of 10.3 kilometers with an average gradient of 3.5% and a maximum of 7.3%.

So, are you ready to retrace the route of the stages of the Giro d’Italia?

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